Hi, my name is Indy. I'm Tracy's fur baby. 

Thank you so much for your interest in my mum's inspirational coloring eBook.

To help you decide if you have time to help make Mum's book launch a success, please read the information below:

  • After you download your very own high-resolution, printable coloring eBook (which you will receive after Mum sends you a link to join her special Facebook launch team), please read it and let Mum know if you discovered any spelling errors and/or broken links.
  • Type up a helpful review and save it to your desktop before you get carried away coloring in the designs.
  • Leave your inspiring pre-launch review on Goodreads by Sunday, May 15th, 2016. (Mum will provide the link).
  • On launch day, Tuesday, May 31st, download the Kindle version of the book (includes a link for a high-solution, printable copy).
  • Then leave the same inspiring review on Amazon. If you feel you cannot leave a positive review, Mum and I will not be offended. I simply ask, as my mum always says, “If you can’t bark out something nice, don’t bark at all.."
  • Before and during blast off, Mum will reach out and ask you to share information on your Blog (if you have time), on your Facebook wall, on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on any other social media site you can think of.

Oh, yes, I reminded Mum she needs to comply with our Canadian anti-spam laws. So please enter your name and email, and then I can add you to our special launch team list.

Thank you for your help!



P.S. The "send" tab (shown below) won't cooperate unless you type in a message. I promise to read your message, and then pass it along to my mum. Woof!